Fire Pits

  Our heavy duty fire pits are designed from a minimum of 3/16" carbon steel. Each one hand-crafted to be a warm addition to any outdoor living space. Available in sizes ranging from 24"- 72" in diameter. These heavy-duty outdoor adjustable fire pits are not your typical "home improvement store" fire pits.  Choose from our vast inventory, with and without, adjustable heavy duty swivel grills.  All heavy duty fire pits are complete with a drain hole in the bottom. TXGates fire pits are all handcrafted in our shop, in Marshall,TX, from heavy duty materials and finished with industrial high temperature paint. We ship these heavy duty fire pits anywhere!   

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Fire Pits

24" Fire Pit

 NOW EVEN BETTER! This heavy duty fire pit is perfect for a trip to the lake, camping or just the back yard patio. Starting with a 24" pit that is a minimum of 3/16" thick, complete with three, 4", square tubing legs and an adjustable, swivel grill. Throw on the burgers or just build a great fire because the heavy-duty swivel grill top is removable. NOW WITH A FOOT RING!

30" Fire Pit with grill top

NOW MORE HEAVY DUTY! This 30" pit is a TXGates best seller. It NOW has 4" square tubing legs! Like all of our other adjustable, swivel grill top fire pits, heavy-duty is the name of the game. Starting with a 30" pit that is a minimum of 3/16" and topped off with an adjustable, swivel grill.  You can't go wrong with the 30".  Adjust the grill top up or down, swivel it side to side or remove it and build a huge fire. With this heavy-duty pit you'll be building fires and memories for years to come.

37" Fire Pit

 37" wide and 18" deep, heavy-duty pit is a warm addition to any outdoor area. Like all of TXGates' pits this one will last a lifetime. Weighing in at over 150 pounds, not your typical "home improvement store" fire pit. So pile on the wood, kick up your feet and enjoy! 

This fire pit does not come with a grill top but can be added for $100.


42" Fire Pit with grill top

Bigger is better! Weighing in at nearly 250 pounds, this is not your typical "home improvement store" fire pit. This 42" heavy-duty fire pit is a warm addition to any outdoor area. Like all of TXGates' pits this one will last a lifetime. Complete with a 42" adjustable, swivel grill top. So pile on the steaks, stoke the fire and let's grill!

72" Swivel/ Adjustable Grill

NOW MORE HEAVY DUTY!! When they say, "everything is bigger in Texas", they were talking about this heavy duty grill. Starting with a 6 foot wide, heavy duty pit, that is 3/16 thick.  This heavy duty adjustable fire pit sits on 24" tall, 6" square tubing legs and is topped off with a 60" wide swivel, adjustable and removable grill top. So throw another log on the fire, kick your boots up on one of the double foot rings and listen to the steaks sizzle on this 72" heavy-duty, BUILT TO LAST, fire pit!!

New! 48" Wildlife fire pit

This 48" wide and 25" deep, heavy-duty Wildlife pit is the newest addition in the TXGates' line of "Built To Last" fire pits. This pit is complete with beautifully detailed wildlife scenes so you can watch the fire dance as you kick back and relax. Invite the family and friends over and make some memories as you enjoy your steaks sizzling on the 42" swivel, adjustable and removable grill top.  Like all TXGates' pits you'll enjoy this one tonight.....and for life!