Gate Accessories


Key Pad

 Key pads are a great way to give access to your property by simply

entering a four digit code. Key pads are available in both wireless

and hardwired applications and work great with electric and solar

operators.  $250- Wireless    $500- Hardwired


Exit Wand

  An exit wand is a simple and convenient solution for exiting your

property. Buried underground next to the driveway the wand simply

detects a passing vehicle and opens your gate. $500



Telephone Intercom System

  When granting access into your property, without giving out your

security code, the telephone intercom system is the right choice.

The person at the gate scrolls though a list of names (no numbers

are displayed). A name is selected from the list, the pre-programmed

 number is automatically dialed. Whether it's your home, office or

cell phone number, you can grant access if you desire from

wherever you are. $1300